Five tricks with domain names

Author: Katalin Pribusz | M&a Digital Producer

When choosing your company or product names, consider these 5 tricks with domain names. An effective domain name is part of the overall user experience.

Domain name extension – play with the words


If your preferred domain name is not available, try another Top Level Domain (TLD). The most common top level domain are the .com or (in Australia) but .net or .info can be good. Here is the list - pick one from them and play with the words.

For example if you have a cafe, use the .cafe domain with your brand name: It looks better than, doesn't it?

shutterstock_62280412With or without WWW?

The answer is BOTH. Users can be lazy and sometimes they do not want to write too much, so please ask your IT team, do not forget to setup the domain with AND without WWW as well. or

It depends on your strategy, what is more important for you, your products or your company. When you start a new campaign it is very helpful using unique URL, but If your budget is low, do not worry, search engines will find,, etc ...  as well. 


Simple and short keywords

Domain name should be simple and short, because it causes less mistyping and much easier to typewrite. Who wants to memorise long and complex URL? Or do you want to be a Guiness Record holder?

Register mistyped, similar domain names


We are humans and sometimes make mistakes. You should register various and misspelled domain extensions to help finding your website for your customers.

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